The Shofar sounds to announce the
presence of God. It is also used to call all people
to awareness, to call us to AWAKE


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How did we get the Bible?

Price: R20.00

Have you ever wondered how the Bible you hold in your hands came to be?

Learn its facinating story in this small book.

Inside you will find chapters on:

  • The authors of the Bible.
  • How the origional documents were preserved.
  • The compelation of the canon - the 66 books we know today.
  • Early translation work.
  • Guntenberg's contributions through the printing press.
  • Modern translations, from the kin James through 21st century versions.

Through this intriguing story, you'll be encouraged by God's faithfullness - to His own Word and those of us who read it.

Delivery Cost (RSA):R10.00
Delivery Time (RSA):Usually within 5 Working days
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