The Shofar sounds to announce the
presence of God. It is also used to call all people
to awareness, to call us to AWAKE


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Frequently Asked Questions


This section aims at answering the questions that

we come across on a regular basis.

Q: Who is eShofar and what is this website about?

  • Eshofar is a website based ministry aimed at providing a unique opportunity to those who have lived a Scripture observant and obedient lifestyle, to share with others, the wonderful milestones and experiences of their journey.
  • It provides the opportunity for anyone to comment on subjects placed on this site.
  • It gives an opportunity for individual testimonies to be shared by millions.
  • It is a website that strives towards sharing information on subjects and issues such as:
  1. Providing a homogenous range of inspiring literature.
  2. Providing Messianica (Tallit, Shofar, Messianic music, Shabbat items, jewelery, crafts, mezuzas, tzizit etc.) to those who might not have access to these items.
  3. To communicate and connect Messianic communities across Africa and the world. Creating the opportunity for a portal of communication between communities that are part of the Kingdom of God.
  4. Communicating the events and schedules of various ministries, in order to create visibility of what is happening in the Kingdom of God.
  5. Circulating general information.

Q: Can we list our community on this web site?

One of the aims of this site is to provide transparency to all who wish to get into contact with, or just get clarity of where other Messianic communities are situated.  It also aims at providing an opportunity for members and/or communities to communicate and share with each other.  It is thus welcomed for all communities and congregations to list on Eshofar.

Q: Is this web site tied to a specific Christian denomination?

Eshofar is not tied to any Church or denomination. We are believers in the Scriptures of God and apply our lives according to His Word.

Q: What constitutes a Messianic community?

Any group of believers that study the Scriptures as the Complete Word of God.  This includes the "Old" and "New" Testaments.  Those who live their lives according to the Word of God. Those who are observant of and obedient to the complete Word of God.

Q: What is the main aim of this web site?

Our main aim is to create the opportunity for a paradigm shift in the mind of the regular dogmatic Christian believer.  By revealing the Hebrew context of our faith and through this preparing the "bride" for her Hebrew messiah.

Q: Who are the authors of this web site?

This site is administrated by Eshofar ministries. We comprise of disciples that have an anointing to serve the Father.(Some of us are Levites, Ministers, Dominees and Doctors and some just called to share)  The content of this site is supplied by the individual authors.  You remain the responsible person for discernment over all of the content on this site.