The Shofar sounds to announce the
presence of God. It is also used to call all people
to awareness, to call us to AWAKE


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About Us

Eshofar came to life based on a message from God, to witness our journey to the world and provide unity to the kingdom of God. We trust that your involvement here is as a result of His Set Apart Spirit, leading you here.

Our Father gave us His Word, written by Hebrews (All but one book of the Bible was written by Hebrews. The book of Luke). Our Messiah was a Hebrew, living in a Hebrew world within a Hebrew culture. He spoke Hebrew and followed the customs of the Hebrews.

We find ourselves today, living in a society of Christian believers, believing in Jesus. Declaring Him our savior, but do we truly understand who Jesus was and is?

Jesus' name was in fact; Yeshua! Yeshua lives, just as we declare, but more so, He has never changed. He hasn't gone through some type of transformation during the time He has been sitting at the right hand of the Father. He remains a Hebrew. With His next coming, we can thus be quit sure that He will be coming as a Hebrew. The question now is whether you will be receiving Him as a Hebrew?

This web site is aimed at taking you on a journey of discovery to truly understand your faith, free from religion. At first it may seem strange an overwhelming. By digging around in the content of this site and making contact with other followers and communities within your area, speaking and learning from those people and influences that you will encounter here, you will be led.

It is thus our prayer and hope that you will find the truth, based on Gods Scripture that will prepare you to: Meet your Hebrew Messiah.